Zebra Gk420D Zpl Installed As Zebra Zp 450 Ctp 追蹤

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the setup: Windows 7 (x64) clients, Zebra driver 7.3.7.

The goal is to pre-install the driver silently with our software deployment tool to our computers, so that the printer is installed without user/admin interaction as soon as the USB device is plugged in.
We use DPinstx64.exe for this, and it is working in general, but...

We use Zebra GK420d.
If no driver is installed, Windows also detects this as an "unknown device" Zebra GK420d with hardware ID "USBPRINT\Zebra_TechnologiesZT9BEC".

If I manually install the driver (either in the Windows device manager or with your DriverWizard.exe), I get a selection window of three compatible printer models to chose from:
- Zebra GK420d - ZPL
- Zebra ZP 450 CTP
- Zebra ZP 450e CTP

But if it runs automatically with DPinstx64.exe, the printer is always installed (and named) as "Zebra ZP 450 CTP".
The printer works, but it is still irritating.

I've looked in the driver-supplied Zebra.inf: The above mentioned models share the same ID, but why is the wrong model chosen by dpinst?
I've tried to edit the Zebra.inf (commenting-out lines, changing the order of the ID), but that didn't help (in fact, the driver couldn't be installed at all with this slightly edited INF).

Any ideas how to make sure that the "Zebra GK420d" is also (automatically, by dpinst) installed as an "Zebra GK420d - ZPL"?

DPinst doesn't seem to have a "force model x" parameter.