(Silent) Driver Installation On Windows Xp Hangs "failed Windows-Logo-Test" 追蹤

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Again, silent installation of the Zebra 7.3.7 drivers for GK420d -- this time, unfortunately, under Windows XP.


Using the WinXP-compatible certutil.exe to install the certificat from the *.cat file (works on Win7).

But when using dpinst.exe, I'll get prompted to continue (or not) with the installation due to the failed  "Windows-Logo-Test".

Tried dpinst.exe with /LM, /SW; didn't help.


Any ideas? Because the user will (a) not see this window (software deployment runs in another user context), and ( B) even if the user would see it, he/she wouldn't have the permissions to install sofware (again: software deployment runs in another user context)


But, so the installation stops here :-(