Dropping Labels On A Zebra Rz400 And Zd500R With Driver V7.3.8 追蹤

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Good afternoon,


Does anyone have a suggestion for when a print job drops a few of the labels when printing to a ZEBRA printer?


For example, If I try to print 75 labels I may see 68 of them print.   The ones skipped may be anywhere in the lot of 75.   


I find it doesn't skip if I send 15 or less labels to the printer at a time.


My environment:


  • Printing PDF images from Adobe Acrobat Pro (also tried Adobe Reader). 
  • Using the Seagull Windows Print Driver version 7.3.8.
  • The PDF file has all 75 label images, one per page.
  • Each image is 3" x 7".
  • Printing to a ZEBRA RZ400 and ZD500R (same issue on both printers)
  • If I print the same PDF with 75 page images to a regular DELL printer not using ZEBRA or Seagull, all print.


I have calibrated, and also tried using the shrink PDF to fit and fit page options.


Thanks in advance.