Problem Getting Driver To Work 追蹤

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I have problem using the seagull printer driver to print.

The printer says it could not print to the printer.


I'm using the following driver: Autobag PI 412c (203 dpi)

The printer is connected to the computer with a ATEN UC-1284B Printer cable which windows automatically installs the cable driver for.
This cable is connected to Slot 0 (Port_#0003.Hub_#0001)
After this I followed the seagull driver installation guide.
I choose the "Other (parallel or serial)"
In the next step there is already a port: "USB001 - Virtual printer port for USB"
I've tried this one as well as creating a new port "USB003" with the same result.
What am I doing wrong?
Have I missed something obvious?
Thankful for any help I can get.