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Hi !
We are upgrading web based application that been written on APS.NET platform + Bartender Enterpsise Automatation.
Currently, we are using Commander for print jobs, but planning to move away from Commander, and use some form of internet printing. For example, client fills in some information into a web from his/her phone or tablet, presses print button, and RFID/print label is produced.

I read some of the documentation and .NET SDK and it is somewhat confusing. Can Web Print Server be modified to accept commands from the internet ? We really have no use for "visual" part that WPS provides, all we need need is for BarTender to accept print jobs from outside world.

Thank you !

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Domingo Rodriguez
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You currently have 2 ways of doing internet printing with BarTender in the Enterprise Automation Edition:

  1. Either you go with our closed solution BT-WPS: BT-WPS will allow you to perform Internet printing on any internet web browser, as we both support ActiveX controls and Java applets.
  2. You write your own web-based solution making use of our .NET SDKs. With this solution you can only make use of the ActiveX control for internet printing, so this practically only allows you to make use of your web-based application from Internet Explorer web browser. 


If you're looking to write your own solution, make sure as well to open BarTender's Help (press F1 key) and do a search on "Internet Printing". We also have a programmed example which is called the "BarTender Web Label Print" sample, which you'll find both on BarTender's Help and at the following Windows folder if you installed the .NET SDK examples with BarTender: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Seagull\BarTender Suite\SDK\Print Server SDK Samples\WebLabelPrint".