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I am having issues with a number being serialized and preserved after a print job. This happens when being used on the Bartender Web Print server and not for the application/program.


For example, the number will start at 300. If I would like 3 serial numbers the wps will print 3 labels for me with 300, 301, 302 successfully. Then when I go back to print another 3 labels it starts back at 300 instead of starting at 303. It seems to not preserve the last serial number used. However, when I use the application and do the exact same thing it is preserved so that when I come back and print more it picks up where I left off.


I have made sure that the reset on each every job is not selected. I have it reset only when it reaches a value of 999.


Any ideas? All help is appreciated as we can not have duplicate serial numbers.

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Ian Cummings
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In the document stored on the web server, make sure you've specified for the value to be updated after each print.


What version/build of BarTender are you using?  It might be the case that you need to get an updated version of BarTender to fix the saving new serial number value without specifically saving the BarTender document each time.