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Hi All.

I'm wondering if somebody can help me with the following issue:

I got several computers with Zebra printers and installed Bar Tender (eg. Computer A, B and C). All of them are using network shared bartender label files (eg. 01.btw, 02.btw, 03.btw).

When file 01.btw is opened on Computer A is there a way to block access to that file from Computer B and C, but without blocking access to other labels (So 02.btw and 03.btw can be still open on Computer B and C) ?

Please advice, thanks in advance.

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Philip Dea
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This won't do exactly what you asked for but it will at least prevent wrongful file overwrite and let you know someone's using the file. If you have the Enterprise Automation edition (BT-EA) edition of BarTender, it comes with a Librarian companion application that lets you control document versions. As one person checks out a label for printing, others will see the status to prevent wrongful overwrite.
Alternatively, I'm pretty sure there are utilities that will lock a document for single instance opening, but I have been unable to find it.