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we are moving from SATO 300 dpi to Intermec printers 203dpi. We are sending an A5 pallet label to the current 300 dpi printers via commander script using a btw file that has been optimised for 300dpi printer. Sending 300dpi format to 203 makes the formatting balloon.

Would it be possible to make use of btw file conditional (ie select file_203 dpi.btw or file_300dpi.btw) based on dpi of the printer within commander, or by some other method?

We use bartender enterprise 9.1.

Many thanks, /J

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Ian Cummings
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What is "ballooning" on the label exactly? The only items I would expect to see differ greatly in size is the barcodes due to the differences of effective X-dimension caused by the change in printer resolution. Although device fonts between Sato and Intermec will show differences, the printed size of the text should remain more or less the same.

If all of the objects on the label are "ballooning" by about a third, then it might be the case that you are using a 300 dpi printer driver on a 203 dpi printer.