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Hi can you please help us for this issue below:

1. We use bartender Commander.exe to wait Textfile uploded by Our Web Application on our webserver then it print the bartender label if it founds the text file. And the result from Web Application : the printout was so blurry.
But in our old VB6 Application where its host is the client P.C the print is ok.

2. There are also some instance that we already adjusted the label properties(font...etc) and save the label file it comes back again to its before state(web App).

3. There are some label format that is good in ZebraAPrinter but not good in ZebraBPrinter(web App).

How should we do?

Thanks in Regards,

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Domingo Rodriguez
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What exact Zebra model is this and what printer driver have you installed for it?


If you open the BarTender document (.btw) directly in BarTender and then print it, will the label also look blurry?


What Edition, Version and build of BarTender is in use?