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I have an application that uses the command line to send print commands.

When I am sending multiple commands one after the other I can see for example
4 text files created with data but only 3 print outs in the spooler and in the
bartender log file.

It seems like if you send multiple commands bartender misses some command lines.

I have run the tests many times and all ways the same result.

I am using Bartender 9.3 SR2

Eyal Katz

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Shotaro Ito
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Hi Eyalk,

Printing from command line can be unstable when you issue many orders in short time.
For that purpose, please use Commander - Basically, Commander is a middle ware to give print order to BarTender.

Using Commander script command in Commander is an easy way to switch from Command line printing to Commander.
Instead of issue Command like below, [code]"C:\Program Files\Seagull\BarTender Suite\BarTender\bartend.exe" /MIN /AF="C:\format.btw" /PRN="ZEBRA 110xi" /P /X[/code]
You can create a text file like below (commander script) and feed that to Commander.
[code]%BTW% /AF="C:\format.btw" /PRN="ZEBRA 110xi" /P /CLOSE[/code]

In Commander, Create a task to scan the file above, and select command as "Commander Script"
Note that to Use Commander or Automating Bartender from other application,[u] you need BarTender Automation edition or Above[/u].

For detail, please check White paper: [url=""]Commander[/url], [url=""]Commander Example[/url]
[url=""]Commander trouble shooting[/url] would help too.