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The labels are on a continuous roll, two labels wide. The data file will contain one or two header labels followed by the customer labels.

Eg The following file codes header 1, header 2, customer1, customer2, customer3, customer 4 etc. The label print should start top left and move horizontally.

The btw says 2 columns and the correct label width (I think) but the labels are printing in one column on the left.
Is the print order controlled in the btw template or the XML?

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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Although this is something we help you through our tech support service by email, I would like the answer to be present on the forum too for other users to access to it:

1. Firstly please note that when using a BTMXL script to print BarTender labels a new print job will be generated for each <Print> tag.

2. It should be understood that in Windows printing, for any application that uses a Windows printer driver, each print job results in the form feeding the remainder of the page. This is a constraint imposed by the whole Windows printing architecture and cannot be worked around from within the Windows architecture. The only way around this is to move your application to a DOS printing model where your application generates the print code directly, and transporting that print code to the printer via its own means.As you might expect, this way of doing things is antiquated and brings with it its own problems.

On a laser printer this means that if you print to part of the sheet, the print job will result in the entire A4 page being fed out of the printer. For a thermal printer a “page” is a single row of one or more labels. If the page is covered by one label then a label and page are synonymous. If however, there is more than one label on the page, then page and label are different but related items.

3. With this in mind, if what's needed is to print variable data in a compacted group of labels (no labels left blank), where there is more than one label per page/row, then the printing will need to be performed in a single print job.

To include all the information through BTXML script in the same print job you'll need to emulate a record set using the <RecordSet> tag. This will allow you enter as much information as needed and use it as it were records from a database (BarTender will print a different label for each record).