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I'm still kind of new to bartender and there is one problem I have yet to find a solution to.

[b]The problem[/b]
Each wire in the harness has a label on each side and each label has different text printed on it. We need label A and label B to have a perforation between them and then cut off, rinse and repeat.

We are printing using a CAB A4+M with a cutter/perforate addon and the media is continuous heat shrink.
Edition: Professional
Version: 10.0 SR1
Build: 2845


Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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Ian Cummings
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Sorry, but it's not particularly clear what your problem is? You've stated what your trying to do, but you have not said what happens instead, or what is preventing you from succeeding.

The cut and perforation options for this printer are accessed via the "Document Properties" of the printer driver under the "Stock" tab. Open these setting via the "Print" dialog or the "Page Setup>Media Handling" dialog.

By the way, in order to examine your label, you'll need to let us know the password or attach an unprotected file.
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Sorry, forgot there was a password, it's 955

What was happening is it would cut in between each label. So A.1, cut, B.1, cut, A.2, cut, B.2, cut, ect... The dot number being the next line in the database

I've talked with Matt in support since posting this and we bounced ideas around and came up with a not so pretty solution late last week.

Make one template file for side A, set the feed to normal and turn perforation off
Make one template file for side B, set to cut after the job, set to perforate before the job
Use batch maker to link the two

It's not ideal but it's working for now.