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I am having a few issues with Bartender.


We use Syteline v6 ERP system and have 8 Zebra printers. When printing certain label numbers we get a print wizard pop up and the user has to click through them to get the label to print.


The other issue is on these labels we are getting a Bartender Error 3600: "No data sources are set to read from file".


How do I go about fixing these issue?

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Jasper Wen
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The 3600 error you are seeing means that your label is setup to read data from external database and on your label you have not set your objects on the label to read from fields in your database. If you are not using a database to read data from, you can just go to file->database connection setup and remove any database connections. Otherwise, you will want to go into the object properties and set a database field you want to read data from.

The other print wizard pop ups you are seeing might be due to user or data entry prompts that were created in the label. At the bottom in BarTender, there should be a data entry form tab or prompt design tab and you can go there and remove any extra dialog prompts you don't need.