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We use Bartender for years now in our company.

I used many different drivers versions now, also the newest now, but always have the same problem.


It's a windows 7 machine with Bartender 10.0 SR1, connected to an excel database.

Printer is a cab A4+ 600



We print a lot of small labels, and always after ~20-30 labels there comes an error on the display of the printer:
Protocol error

Invalid data



-> pressing Enter gives the help information, that there have been sent invalid graphics or fontdata to the printer


(Error translated from German version by me)


So I always have to just select ~10-15 labels in the excel and print them, and then the next 10 etc. and so on....


All the labels have 1 logo, 1 barcode and a but of text on them (always the same logo picture)

Nothing changes, always same content.


What could be the cause of this ? I tried out all different options, caching options, etc. etc.


Thanks in advance for the help.


Best regards

Faheem Qumar


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Domingo Rodriguez
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I take it that you're using a Seagull driver for this cab printer... If so, what version of the printer driver are you using?


Have you already tried to enable "Graphic Caching" optimization under the "File > Print > Performance" dialog?


Also, go to the "File > Print" dialog, click on "Document Properties..:" button, select the "Options" tab and enable "Single Buffer Mode"


Also, when you get the chance, update BarTender v10.0 to its latest service release: