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I have a label with a text field "Date:" and a database field db.date. When I use an Intermec font I can move the db.date field right upto the text field. However when I change both fields to be Arial the text "Date:" no longer prints eventhough I can see it in the print preview. I have to separate the fields upto .4 cm for both fields to print.


This prints fine when using Intermec font:

Date: 2013-10-03


When using Arial font I have to do this otherwise "Date:" doesn't print:

Date:                          2013-10-03


It's probably a font issue on the printer I just don't now how to resolve it. Any pointers would be appreciated.


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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello Ito,


1. Could you tell me if both text fields are in the same object? If not have you tried unifying them in one single text object with two data sources (or sub strings as where called on v.9.4 or earlier)?


2. Also please make sure that no font substitution is being carried out. In the text object's properties access the "Font" node and, under the "Advanced" sub-tab make sure the "Substitute with best matching printer font" option is deactivated (in older version this option is under the "Font" tab of the text object's properties).


3. Access the "File>Print..." dialog and, under the "Object Print Method" tab make sure the TryeType text object is being treated as "Raster Graphics".


4. Finally please make sure you are working with the latest version of our drivers (v7.3.3), which can be downloaded from the below webpage:


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Thank you for your reply Fernando.


1. No they are 2 separate fields.     Concatenating the 2 fields does work.

2. Yes this is currently deactivated.

3. This did not work.

4. I downloaded the latest driver and it did not work.


It's a driver issue with the label printer because if I send it to a laser printer it prints perfectly.


I'll go with option # 1. Quick and dirty. :-)


Thank you for your help!