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I have a customer who's using BarTender for generating labels for their products that they ship to the customers, in the past they've simply entered the quantity of labels required into their spreadsheet and BarTender would deal with it.


They're about to migrate to a new system with BarTender 10.1 Professional, but it seems even with the normal print options set to get quantity from a table in the database, it immediately throws an error about quantity not being able to be less than 1, and proceeds to print one of every label. That's 1500 odd labels.


How can I remedy this situation? The only workaround I've been suggested is to set Print When on the template properties, but since it's Professional not Automation this option isn't available.

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Ian Einman
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This is a backwards compatibility problem that was reported by someone else as well.  We've fixed it in 10.1 SR2 (which will be released within 1-2 weeks) so that 0 (or blank) will be accepted as a valid quantity again and print nothing, rather than printing 1 label.