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I have a bit strange issue when printing labels from BarTender 9.4 (2749) on Intermec EasyCoder 601 XP (305) dpi printer.

It works OK for a couple of print jobs meaning that a couple of print jobs go fine but then suddanly it starts to print prevoius label over the current one on the third or forth print job - kind of a mix of two labels. 

If I restart the printer (switch off and on) it works fine again for three-four print jobs but then it starts again with mixing layouts from the previous and the current print job.

Anybody having an idea what could be the cause of this issue?

BTW, I'm using Intermec Direct Protocol Driver 7.3.3.



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Ian Cummings
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This sounds like a communications or printer firmware glitch to me.


However, as a matter of course update your BarTender to the latest service release:


You might also wish to do a full removal of Seagull printer drivers, reboot and then install the latest (still v7.3.3) from the now clean slate.  It should be noted that if you have have Seagull drivers of older versions then this could cause a version conflict issue.


How is the printer connected to the PC?  Maybe try a different cable or more reliable connection method.  A direct network cable is normally the best option.


Perform a factory default reset on the printer, just in case a gremlin has taken up residence.