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I created a label with 3 layers. 

I Set a Conditional Print on all three to refer to a Named Data Source. 

For some reason, when I open this label and try to print or preview the label appears  empty, until I double click on the named data source to sort of wake him up and remind him to do his job.


Is this the way it's supposed to work, or is there a way to take care of this?


I'm working with version 10.1

Edition: Automation Single User DEMO
Version: 10.1 SR1
Build: 2934

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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello yon,


*This is certainly not the way it should work, and there should be a reason behind it.


1. Could you let me know what type of data source is the named one the template selector is using (Embedded data, data base field, VB Script...)?


2. Could you attach your document so I can take a look at it and try reproducing your issue?