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Hi All,


I have a A4 Size page Label template contains 6 rows and 3 columns. It should print 18 labels per page.


When I am printing 20 labels Its printing 18 label in First Page and remaining 2 Labels in second page. which is correct.


When I am Printing 40 Labels Its Print 18 Labels in First Page and another 18 Labels in second Page and remaing 4 labels in Third page and again its printing another 4 Labels in Fourth Page - which is wrong.


I tried to Print 80 Labels its printed 18+18+18+18+8 +8+8+8 - its printed 3 times extra 8 labels.


Can you please help on this How to resolve this issue.


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Michael Toupin (mtoupin
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Inside of BarTender, select Administer>Advanced Printer and Driver setup, then select the printer that you're using, check the box for 'override default settings', then uncheck the box for 'use alternate method to control data sourced copies'.  


What you're seeing is an issue with the printer driver not specifically designed to handle labels, but pages of labels.  This should resolve it.