Printing To A Printronix T5204E Printer Resets Printer Setting 追蹤

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 Hope someone can help, I have a strange problem with Bartender Pro (10.0.SR4). When I send any job, Barcode or even just plain text to a Printronix T5204e printer it causes the printer to change the setting from Direct to Thermal Transfer, ( Should be Direct). The printer works fine when sending a job from SAP, Also I have no issues when sending the same job to a Zebra 140XiII printer set for Direct Thermal printing.


Thanks in advance for any help on this one..


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Michael Toupin (mtoupin
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Inside of BarTender, select file>print>document properties, then change the thermal setting in here.  BarTender keeps a view of the driver information in each label format, if it's not set correctly in there it will change the settings to whatever the driver defaults were.