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I am using bartender 10.1 SR2 with zebra TLP 2844.I also use 3 in a row 30x40 mm labels.


For example ; i  print 3 different products with 4 different sizes.When the printing is over, the labels i print are not in any order.I want them to be in some order(For example:size,name,code).


If i print multiple pruducts with multiple sizes it is very hard for me to find them in label strap.


So how can i sort the labels that i print?


Thank you for anyone who can help..

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Thank you very much for your post.


About your question, please note that if your labels have different size, they should be generated in different print jobs (this is a Windows limitation), so, you will need to sort your print jobs. You can do it this using Batch Maker and you also can do it using some automation tools as Commander.


I hope it can help you.


Many Thanks,