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Hello we are using BarTender 8.0, and currently they have a db connection to our JDE erp system through SQL. Upon printing they receive a notice to enter the work order # which they would like to select, and then they enter the lines of the order which they would like to print. Unfortunately, the previous staff set it up not to a quantity but to a percentage of the total number of items per line. So if line 1 had a quantity 10 items ordered, and line 2 had 20 at 10 % it would print 1 for line 1 and 2 for line 2. It does not allow to have individually selected print quantities per line. Does anyone have any experience with this? 

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Domingo Rodriguez
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If you're wishing to set the number of copies to be printed per record, and you wish to select this at print time, open the "File > Print" dialog in BarTender and set the "Queried Records" to be "Selected at Print Time". This way, at print time, after entering the query prompt value you will also be presented with a table of those records which resulted from applying the query prompt, and you can now choose how many copies to print for each record.


If you would like to, you can also data source the number of copies to be printed per record by an existing "quantity" database field. You would do this also via the "File > Print" dialog by clicking the "Options" button which is on the same line as the "Identical Copies per Label", and you would now data source the number of copies by a database field.