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I am running Bartender 10.1 SR2 and i am setting some templates that will automatically print out paperwork need for my packaging department.

The values are generated from a database, We already have triggers, and commander doing all the work for us. My question is regarding Conditionally printing of templates. I have 3 templates all in the same bartender file. All pulling data from a "print" database file that is generated by my ERP software.


I have the conditional printing setup correct for 2 of the templates. It prints out the correct quantity of pages based on the data. So 20 records gives me 20 pages of each template. 


I am hung up on the last setup, the first template is the cover page (for lack of a better term) I only need 1 of these pages to print out no matter how many records are in the file. So whatever is the 1st set of records in the data will print out this template and then print out the other templates based on the conditional print rules i set up.


Anyway to tell a bartender file with multiple templates to only use the 1st record for 1 of the 3 templates?

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Ian Cummings
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Sounds like you want to move your cover page template from the "Primary Template(s)" group into the "Start of Job Template(s)" group under the "Templates" tab of the "Page Setup" dialog.