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New to this.  There doesn't seem to be much direction written on printing and using printers.  Using 4x2 labels and getting 2 blanks before the printed label doesn't matter how many labels I print at a time on a zebra GK420T printer with Windows 7 machine.  Label size set right, been thru all the settings a dozen times, no headers, no footers, 0 margins, default copies set to 1, using predefined  print stock selection, on zero axis on screen.  Just can't think of anything else it could be.  Can anyone help.

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Shotaro Ito
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The printer might be set to calibrate at start.

In driver's Printer properties > Tools tab > Configure > Configure Printer, specify Media feed action to No feed etc.


There might be any settings to be reset.

Revert driver setting to default , from Tools tab > driver options > Administration > Reset to defaults.