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We have  a report in SQL Server Reporting Services with an article list.

We also have designed a label in Bartender. Now we want to print that label from the report.

Is there a way to do this by code or using a URL which we can put on a button for every item in the report?


We should be able to send 3 data values to the label, which are specific for the label.

What we also want to send to Bartender is which printer and how many labels it needs to print.

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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello Sge,


Could the SQL SRS be able to output the required data to a text file? If that is the case you could use Commander to detect, load the data to a BarTender document and print it. Actually if you can also add a couple of commands you can also specify the document to print, the printer, etc.


For more information please read the below white papers:



Also note that the use of Commander is not the only integration method supported by BarTender. For more details on our other methods please read the below white papers: