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Our install is Enterprise Auto 10.1 SR4


We are printing labels from Oracle MSCA using commander. When we make format or object changes to the template they are not picked up in the label printouts - it is using the old format without chnages. The syntax in oracle is identical and we have not changed the name of label template (as I know this mapping is literal). 



1) made label format update in BT and saved.

2) Stopped and restarted commander

3) sent oracle xml txn to file share

4) commander correctly picks up file processes all data

5) printout continues to use earlier format version.


We only have one version of the template on a remote desktop. Does Bartender somehow cache versions or is there some other issue?

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Ian Cummings
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You can adjust the cacheing of documents in BarTender via the command handler in Commander.  From here you can also specify the interval for looking for updated documents to reload.  Stopping detection in Commander and restarting is the 100% sure way to reload the modified document from file.  Double check that you open, modify, and save the document that the BarTender process actually uses at print time.  Sometimes it's the case you might not be modifying the production document itself, but a copy stored elsewhere.