Different Lot Numbers And Item Names Same Page 追蹤


Hey Guys,


I am just confused, Hehe!


We have a 8x11 2.65 x 1 labels 3 x10 = 30 labels


We want to print different lot numbers and item names all within the same page.


For instance, if I do


Name Natures blend


Date: todays date



But on the next label Not page i want to do


Name: allwipe


Date: todays date





How can i accomplish this??? Seems like i can only print One label template per entire 30 label page.... Ugh

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Ian Cummings
評論操作 永久連結

Not sure if I'm totally following your description, but if you have a page of X number of labels, over multiple rows and columns, if you specify more than one template in the document then the different template designs will print consecutively, one after the other, as your post seems to suggest you want.