Godex Fonts-Problem With Special Character 追蹤


Hi all


just discover a silly problem with Godex fonts


the special character 1/3 is not printed

is displayed by the software, but not printed


i try a lot of different special character and they will be printed

but not 1/3 !!!


and i need it!!!


Normal fonts will print out that character



with godex fonts, no wyswig

what i see on the screen is not what i print related to text dimensions

generally, the text displayed is bigger than printed

this cause problems


i am using updated version of bar tender and Godex driver, on windows 7 professional

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Shotaro Ito
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Sounds like the Godex printer's font doesn't have the 1/3 character.

Please refer to printer's manual or ask to Godex support for sure.


Printer fonts (device fonts) are not installed to PC - that's installed in Printer.

What BarTender can tell to printer is just coordination, size and contents of text.

Actual text drawing is done by printer side.

If the printer font doesn't have specified character, that won't be printed.

In such case, I would use TrueType fonts installed on the PC.


BarTender uses PC's available font to simulate printer font.

That enables GUI design / preview, but not true WYSIWYG.