Printing Btw File Via Command E-Mail Trigger 追蹤


I have setup Commander to print a btw file via the email trigger using the bullzip pdf printer. I have suppressed all dialogs in bullzip (I read this might be necessary from another post here). The btw file is just a plain label with some sample text (no data sources attached).


Bullzip is set to use the docname macro, <desktop>\<docname>.pdf


If I open the btw file in bartender and press print, all works as expected, the file is created on the desktop, I cannot seem to achieve the same using Commander, please advise.


Commander log:


[Activity] Detection - Started

[Date/Time] 8/21/2015 11:11:26 AM
[Task Name] PrintTest
[Date/Time] 8/21/2015 11:11:30 AM
[BarTender Command] Command Handler: BarTender1 - C:\PROGRA~2\Seagull\BARTEN~1\BarTend.exe /AF="C:\Users\suitcake\Desktop\BarTender Examples\test.btw" /PRN="Bullzip PDF Printer" /P /C=1



However no file is created. I have also tried to set the Commander command to Printer to use > "Specified in document", but it didn't seem to make any difference. (I am using the latest Enterprise Automation edition).

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edit: using the zebra ZT410 does respond to the command tasks. I am still curious what could be wrong with the bullzip pdf settings