Printing Pound Symbols From A Commander Script [Zebra Zt410] 追蹤

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Using the following commander script (file trigger)



%BTW% /AF="C:\Users\suitcake\Desktop\BarTender Examples\label_c.btw" /D="%Trigger File Name%" /PRN="Zebra ZT410 (300 dpi)" /R=3 /P /C=1 /DD
hello,£ 5.50





Hello £ 5.50



What causes and how do I get rid of the  char? It seems an encoding issue, what encoding should commander script variables take into account? I do not have this problem when I print demo data directly from the bartender suite.


(hello,£ 5.50 are trigger message included data variables which are parsed into the accompanied bartender text fields)

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Shotaro Ito
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In Commander task's trigger tab, Make sure the trigger's Encoding matches the text file's encoding. If that's not working try save trigger text file as UTF-8 and set Trigger encoding and BarTender document's database text encoding as UTF-8.