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we are using Bartender Automation Version 10.1 SR4 on a PC Workstation with Windows 7.

We started 2 months ago with printing on a Printronix T5308e printer using the Seagull Driver 7.3.8. We use Commander and text files in a folder to print the labels. 

All worked well until we installed yesterday a second printer, a Zebra 170Xi4 with Seagull driver 1.5.10. Since yesterday, after a Zebra Label is printed, the Printronix labels do not print correctly anymore. It seems that the labels are rotated by 90 degress. This can only be fixed by restarting the Commander software. In the moment, this stops our warehouse completly!!


What can I do?


Best regards,


Thilo Schwender        

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Shotaro Ito
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The version number of Zebra driver (1.5.10) isn't exist in Seagull driver -that sounds like ZDesigner driver. Try uninstall the driver and install Seagull driver for Zebra

For USB install, if have trouble uninstall ZDesigner driver, I would try Printer Installation Wizard