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When I set-up my box ends and put a low number amount of characters in a box when I go to print or even print preview the letters change.


For example, I work for a company that sells and produces vegetables therefore our labels need a 'V' bottom left of the box end, but every time I print the box end the 'V' changes to a random letter and I'm unsure why, I'm assuming I've missed something and there's an easy solution.


In the attached thumbnails I have shown from one to the other that the V goes to the letter C, while the numbers change as well. 



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Ian Cummings
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It looks like you have BarTender running in demo mode.  This is when the software is unactivated, and the 30 day trial period has elapsed.  You'll notice that each object on the label has exactly one character of data randomized.  To solve this you need to activate BarTender using your Product Key Code (PKC) via the "Help>Activate this software" menu item.