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Looking for thoughts on best practice for printing from a Central site to multiple site.


All BTW and BTBAT files are stored on the server.

Using BatchMaker to print multiple print jobs (different labels and printers)

All printers are on LAN/WAN.

Have a front end program that can generate a SQL record, txt file commander, etc.

Front end program captures computer name of the requestor as well their specifc data.


Explaination of desired setup:


Site A has 1 user, 4 printers (each printer set up for different size/type of label),
Site B has 2 users and they share 4 printers (each printer set up for different size/type of label)

Site C will only have one user and one printer.


A user inputs a Job # into a user interface
The front end program builds the data set sends the data to ??? (SQL Table, txt files, commander. . . )

Batchmaker file is called so each label format file (btw) is executed and prompted data captured and sent to specific printer.  All labels printed use the same data set.


Was thinking about setting up Batchmaker files named for each PC/user or site and using the captured PC name as the selector for which 

BatchMaker file to execute.  


Does this idea have merit or is there a better way?


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Ian Cummings
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1. Note: The Print Station companion application can be used to print batch files in addition to individual documents.


2. What edition and version of BarTender are you using?


3. If I understand correctly the user interacts with an application on the local client side, which then updates a central system with a transaction record, which I suppose you want to trigger a print job originating from the central system, where BarTender is installed, printing to a printer back on the local client side?