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I'm experimenting with BarTender to try to fix some issues we have with Label Matrix.


I'm trying to start correctly to begin testing and don't quite get Template Size, Margins, Offset in Print Driver, etc.


I'm using Zebra 96XIIIplus 600dpi printer for testing but will also use other printers later.


My Labels are 3" x 3" but there is 1/16" more backing surrounding each label. Total backing width is 3 18/" and there is 3 1/8" from the bottom of a label to the bottom of the next one.


Do I call my Template Size 3x3? or 3 1/8?

Is my Page Size 3x3 or 3 1/8 with a 0.625 left margin?

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Ian Cummings
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The Page width in BarTender is the backing liner width.  Set the page height to be the height of your individually cut label.  Specify a top/bottom margin of zero, and the gutter width of your label stock for the left/right margin.  The below video should also be helpful to you: