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I have a problem with a label BarTender which has a HTML zone. The two computers have the access to the same label.


When I printed it with my computer OS Windows 7, the text on the label issue appears differently than when I printed it with a computer OS Windows XP.


However, the two computer have the same version BarTender : 10.0 SR1


Could you please tell me how I can resolve this problem ? Is it the OS that is involved or is there another thing wich can cause this problem ?


Thanks for answer.




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Ian Cummings
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Be sure to update to the latest service release: http://www.seagullscientific.com/support/service-releases-legacy-versions/v100/


If I recall, there were problems like this that were related to the zoom magnification factor used in the BarTender design window or something like that.