Log username in History Explorer from SDK 追蹤

Mose Bottacini


I've wrote a self-hosted WCF webservice that prints label, it works very well, but now I want to have the name of the user who have invoked the print operation logged so to inspect it by using History Explorer.

at the moment the username in history explorer is the name of the user who is running the service which is not what I want, I want the user who have invoked the webservice.

I've turned on WCF impersonation, the credential are transferred correctly to the server side and the user is authenticated but on every usage of the Bartender SDK I receive an Access Denied Exception, even if I present myself with the same user who ran the service when the impersonation was turned off.

my goal is not strictly to use impersonation, but to log the user name who remotely invoke the print.

my best result was to not use impersonation, and transfer the username in another way, then log it in the JobName, when I use the Bartender's SDK Print method, but it is obviously sub optimal

since I've received Access Denied error I've already tried to add all the authenticated domain user using  the bartender's administrator console (all privileges granted) and also to the system database following this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsr8ID2pY-A but the problem is the same, always Access Denied when I  use any SDK object.


which is the correct wy to log the remote user who have performed the print, or perform impersonation?