Integration Builder only prints the original data source 追蹤

Robert Davidson

I created a label to print out a PO, SKU and various other data. I added it to the integration builder and deployed it. When I test it with a file with different data it only prints out the original file that I used as a data source. The file gets deleted and it says everything worked but I still only see the data that I used to create the data source.

 Solved: The Print Document event was under the For Each Database Record but not in a manner that would allow it to iterate through each record.

Now the problem I am having is the sequence number is not incrementing on the label.



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Jasper Wen
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I would recommend you get on the latest 2016 R3 release here, if not already.

Also try the following:

  • Verify serialization and printing works directly in BarTender.
  • Set a domain account with permissions for the Integration at the top most level of the Integration tree on the left pane.
  • Make sure in the print document action in your Integration "save document at end of print job" is enabled.

Otherwise, please contact our tech support so we can further assist you.