Problem printing small size labels. 追蹤



Whenever im printing small labels the writing moves up, it ignores the gap between the labels and it wont print a full page.

I enter the size of the paper 30 mm x 15 mm and still the printing comes up messed up.

This issue doesnt occur with big labels.

I have tried everything by setting almost everythin manually but still the printing isnt right.


Can you help me please.

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Jasper Wen
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From what you describe, it does sounds that the printer is losing calibration and is not picking up the label gap like you mention. Most of the time people using smaller stock sizes and having trouble with printer picking up the gaps use labels with marks so the printer more easily picks the gaps between labels.

I recommend checking out some of our support articles for common printing issues here to ensure you have everything setup correctly in BarTender.