External Images from MS Access 追蹤

Joshua Baldwin


I have a problem that I'm trying to find a solution to.

Currently I have a Microsoft Access database, which has a query that bartender uses to print from.

For each item there can sometimes be an image. Otherwise, if no image is present then it should default to the one stored within Bartender.

Currently I'm using BASE64 encoding for all graphics, however this is very complex for the end user to input (as they cannot simply attach an image to the field.


Is it possible to use the attachment field within Microsoft Access with the picture object in Bartender and load the binary data for an image to insert it, or do I need to write the file from the database to the drive as a temporary file, then use it's name to load from that. 


In an ideal world, directly loading the image would be my preferred method. base64 is inefficient and complex.


Is there any way to go about doing this?