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I had a configuration problem with my Trigger-Tasks. In the Tasks is
the article-Number one field. The article-number decide on the formular in the trigger-task.
An Example:
If the article-number is 2073-01 (in the trigger-file) I need the formular article_v1.btw
An if ther is a article-number like 1053-03 I need article_v4.btw.
The Trigger-File is automatically generated of an automation control (Siemens S7).
There are so many different article-numbers, so I could not fix it about different trigger-tasks .
Please excuse my poor pronunciation. I need your expert help.


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Hello Seagul-Supporter,

no ideas?
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I believe it would be best that you report this issue to our technical support department via Email (together with the BarTender product key code, the BarTender label format file (.btw), the Commander task list (.tl) file and the trigger files your Siemens S7 system generates.

If your BarTender version is still supported by us and has not reached End Of Support yet, we will be able to assist. In the newer versions of Commander (Enterprise Automation) Edition, there is a "Transform" feature which will help you to read the article number, and via comparison, associate it to a label format by creating a new trigger file which contains the appropriate Commander Script parameters.

In older versions of BarTender, you would need to launch an "Operating System" command for the original trigger file created by the Siemens S7 system. This Operating System command will launch a VBScript program written by you. The purpose of this VBScript program is to read the article number, associate it with the corresponding BarTender label format (.btw) file, and then produce a new trigger file, which will use the correct Commander Script parameters for opening the BarTender label format in question.