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i'm a new user of BARTENDER.

i need to know how to print a label with bartender using a print create from a as400 in an out queue.

is it possibile to catch the label from out queue or i have to create a file with data to print  in the label?

and how can create a trigger from Commander to print?

thanks a lot



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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello Davpen,


If you wish to work from an AS/400 system the best option would be to use Commander. This is how your system should work:


1. Install BarTender and Commander on a Windows OS with access to a shared AS/400 folder.


2. Design your BarTender document and Commander task list normally. Note that you'll need to configure the document to source from a "dummy" database with the exact same characteristics as the ones that are going to be output by the AS/400 system (same type, number of fields, separator between fields...).


For more information on how to build both the task list and document please take a look at the below white papers:


3. Make sure that the method used by Commander's taks to detect the triggers from the AS/400 is "Polling" and not "Immediate". The latter only work son Windows OS.


4. Also make sure that the Commander service is running under an account with enough access rights to read and write over the AS/400 shared folder.


With this you should be able to output files from the AS/400 system which Commander/BarTender can detect, rename, use as database and send to the specified printer.

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sorry but i don't see anything with the two link.