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I upgraded to 10.1 SR3 and lost my entire task list. I downgraded back to 10.1 SR2, and rebuilt my task list. But now I can't run Commander as a service. The controls are greyed out. I don't see the service in the Services list. I'm missing the Bartender and Commander Service. I've followed the troubleshooting steps that say to /register the service but the cmd window just hangs. I tried double clicking on them in windows explorer but they say i need to install them first. I uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and on the services configuration page, I specified an account that had sufficient rights to generate labels. I enterd the password in correctly as well. Please help.

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Hello Gii,


1. Please note that you should never lose the actual Commander task list (.tl file), it might be possible that Commander "forgets" where that task list is, but it should still be in your system when after upgrading.


*Note that we strongly recommend that you upgrade and work with the latest release for your BarTender version (in this case SR3, build 2954).


2. In any case, if the "service/application" option is greyed out it's probably because the service wasn't installed along side the actual application. If that is the case you'll need to install it manually. To do so, open a command line dialog and write the following:


Sc.exe create "Commander Service" binPath= "C:\Program Files (x86)\Seagull\BarTender Suite\CmdrSrv.exe"
Put special attention on the blank space needed after the binPath= parameter
A restart of the computer might be needed.
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Thank you for the update!


I uninstalled SR2 and reinstalled SR3 yesterday night but the issue did not resolve itself. I still could not run Commander as a service-- Only as an application.


I spoke with tech support this morning and they walked me through uninstalling the commander application and re installing the application. 


If other users would like to try this method: In the control panel under installed programs, click on Bartender and then click change on the top menu. On the next menu with three radio buttons (Modify, Repair, Uninstall) choose Modify. In the next menu with check boxes for all the installed applications, uncheck Commander and System Database applications (two applications). Allow the process to complete. Redo the process, only this time check the two check boxes. 


Thanks again.