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I can create a task in Command as an e-mail type trigger.  Can you point me to a whitepaper or other source so I can understand how to use this?  Does this mean I send an email to Commander?  Where does the script information reside - label, data source, printer, etc.


I have the 'Commander Examples' paper, but it's not in there.



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Shotaro Ito
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Attached is Commander e-mail task example.

This is zip file so rename the archive and extract in C:\temp.

place files like





Open "dbtest.btw" by BarTender, specify printer, test print, then save the document.


Open from Commander.

In trigger setup, modify Internet mail setup to match your e-mail server.


It would..

- Check POP mailbox every minutes

- Detect e-mail with subject starts from "<Commander Trigger>"

- Save e-mail body text to C:\Temp\Commander\scan\data.dat

- Delete e-mail from mailbox

- BarTender open "dbtest.btw" and specify "data.dat" as text database, then print

- BarTender deletes "data.dat"


Note that:

- Commander doesn't support SSL (sorry no Gmail)

- When you want to print trigger contents, E-mail should be sent as plain text (not HTML / Rich text) with specified encoding in Commander Trigger and BarTender's Text database setup.


This sample uses text(CSV) database. You can use XML Script trigger too.