Commander Appends A Digit To The End Of Barcode 128 追蹤


Using the trial version of BT automation
Trial is not expired yet
Printing on godex rt200
2 job for 2 printers. Both print a 128 bc
From a txt file in 2 poll directories
1 of the job always add a digit at the end of bc. Eg: in txt file we have 100000000003, the label will have 1000000000035, with last digit randomly changed each time.

This behavior is the same even swithing to different bc (eg Ean 13).



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Shotaro Ito
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That is either given data is wrong or trial period has not enabled on the account which runs commander (it won't happen usually).

Run Commander as application from Administer > Service Setup, then show running bartender from Detection menu to see what's happen.

See troubleshooting guide too.


If still having problem, attach the btw file, trigger file and task list (tl) file from [More Reply Options] below.