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I have succeeded with connecting Bartender to a SQL stored procedure with one parameter.

Everything works fine with the database connection and when called from Commander using

commander script=%Trigger Contents% .

Using global variables for label name and printer name, my commander script looks like this


%BTW% /AF=%label% /PRN=%printer% /?QueryPrompt1="fab" /P /C=1


I would however like to have more than one parameter for the stored procedure.

If I add one additional /?QueryPrompt2 and create a new commander script - this fails


%BTW% /AF=%label% /PRN=%printer% /?QueryPrompt1="fab" /?QueryPrompt2="123" /P /C=1


Running from the bartender application works fine though, and the application asks for both the parameters etc.


Is something wrong with the syntax above? I have tried to find examples with two Query prompts in the

same commander script, but have unfortunately not found any examples.


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Ian Cummings
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The script seems to be fine.  I would need to see an example document to comment any further.


You'd probably need to fault find the issue by running Commander as an application and making the BarTender process visible to see what might be going wrong.  The Commander trouble shooter will be able to help you with this process: