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My main question is whether I should be setting Detection Response as Delete on the Trigger tab. We are reading the contents of the XML files to be processed by Bartender. Details below.


We have been using Commander to process XML files from Oracle for several years and for the most part it works great. However, we periodically have a problem where it appears to hang while processing files.


After reading on the forums and the Commander Troubleshooter doc, I am beginning to wonder if my tasks are defined properly.


I have attached screen shots showing my task that we are using (this is the same one we have been using). Any help would be appreciated.

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Domingo Rodriguez
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No, you need to set the Detection Response to be "Rename" rather than "Delete". Otherwise, all the variable data contained in the XML trigger received from Oracle WMS would be removed and wouldn't be available to Commander (and at a later point to BarTender).


If you have ocassional  hang problems, this could be a sympton of a Windows Desktop Heap issue, or even a faulty printer driver installation. Please report the problem to the corresponding Tech-Support office: