Commander Doesn't Open Task List On Start 追蹤




we have Windows 2008 Standard Edition and Commander 10.1 SR4 Build 2961 running. We experience the following problem:


  • When we launch the Commander, then the task list remains empty, as a result, the *.tl-file needs to be opened manually
  • In the settings, we've specified that a specific task list should be opened and started from a certain path (\\server\..\
  • The settings are not beeing saved, so when restarting and opening the task list, the settings have been reset to their default values.

any idea what might be the problem?


thank you & regards



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Ian Cummings
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Probably a permissions issue over the network share that you're using.  If you set it to open a task list on the local hard drive does it work okay?  Check the permissions of the account that you use for Commander's Windows service, make sure it is an account with adequate permissions over the resources you wish to use.