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I am testing printing labels from network location and have been stopped by "file found" status in Commander task details.

When using Commander as an application everything is fine and labels are printed. When I change to service commander seem to find the files, but the files are not renamed and label is not being printed.


Task is configured to use command script with handler that uses Active Directory service account. The same account is used to run BarTender System service. Both template & trigger file folders permissions are updated to let service account anything excluding changin permission & taking ownership. Proper permissions are also set in sharing tab, so for sure service account is able to modify the files in that folders.


The service account is a member of Administrators group on both servers: the one where the triggers files are stored and bartender itself. I am not using mapped drive but UNC path. 


I've taken a look to history viewer for any reported erros or warnings, but there is nothing about that task being saved in logs.



Both servers (bartender & trigger file) are Win Srv 2012R2 servers. I am using BarTender Commander 10.1 SR4.

Server where trigger files are generated and stored is in subdomain of the domain that bartender server is member of. I am working on moving all to one domain but this might take some weeks and i need the labels being printed at the end of next week.


Does anyone have a clue what can I do? I am happy to have a call with any of you and share a screen on team viewer or something.


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Przemek (Poland)



Edit: 2015-10-03 13:05:

I've created another trigger location on the server that is in exactly same domain that bartender server and it does not work either - showing File Found toggling with Scanning status...

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Shotaro Ito
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At least, when both servers are in the same domain and the account runs commander service has full access to the scan folder, that supposed to work in service mode too.

Restart Commander service (I'm sure you've tried), Try another user account (which successfully printed in Application mode).


Does triggers saved to local folder (of the Commander server) prints fine?

Does change immediate / polling works? (for remote server, polling is recommended)


When that's not help please contact to regional tech support.

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Thanks Shotaro. I have called to the support as suggested and Jose from Support Team has helped me. THe problem was that I didn't know that there is "Commander service" service used by Commander. I've been changing BarTender system service. When updated user for commander service everything started to work.


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