Running Integration Builder As A Service Via Vpn To Shared Drive 追蹤

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We would like to run Integration Builder to collect print requests remotely.  To this end, we have a shared drive that is accessible via VPN.  We have given the the 'Bartender Integration Builder' the credentials for logging into the shared folder, but when we try running any integration builder integrations, the error -


"Loading of integration(s) for testing has failed: There are no integration services available to test your integrations. Verify that the BarTender Integration Windows service is running and try again."


We are able to run and test Integration builder to access the shared folder wiith these ingerations when we use a computer within the same network as the shared folder, so we know this process should work.  On the remote machine, the 'BarTender Integration Service' entry in services.msc shows it is running, so the integration service is activated.  


The main difference between the two situations: the remote machine requires VPN access to the shared drive. Any ideas? 





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Ian Cummings
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Make sure you're using polling detection for the trigger event file.


Be sure to have BarTender 2016 R2 installed and running just in case this is an issue that has been fixed:


Just to be sure when updating, uninstall R1 first, reboot, and then install R2.