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just installed new 10.1 which looks very good to me, specially because of the new suppression functionalities.


My question: can I, or how can I access fields of the Idoc control record?


In the Idoc control record (field edi_mesfct)  we store a general customer information like (BMW, FIA, FOR, VW, etc).

Depending on the value of this field we want to use the Suppression function to switch on/off customer specific fields and do not need to maintain different label definitions for each customer.


Problem is, that I can not assign fields of the edi_dc segment as database fields. Is there any chance ? 

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Domingo Rodriguez
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If even after changing the master segment for the Idoc you're still not able to see this segment, you could try using BarTender's VBScript engine to connect to the Idoc separately (using VBScript) and trying to read this segment. If you succeed, you can create a named data source which will have a certain value "True" / "False" which can help you to switch on / off specific objects / layers / templates on your BarTender document depending on the values from these fields.